How to split PDF files with PDF Split Pro

PDF Split Pro is an powerful application which helps you split your PDF documents into smaller parts easily. The following words wil tell you that this application is quite easy to use within only five steps.

Step 1: Install and launch. Download PDF Split Pro, and double click the .exe file. Wait until the installnation progress ends. The interface is as follow.

step 1 - how to split PDF files    

Step 2: Add PDF file. Click Add PDF and open file dialog to choose the PDF file you want to split. Also, you could drag and drop the PDF file on the main area for convience. The properties of this file such as file name, file path, size and pages will show on the main zone.

Step 3: Check the Status of the PDF. Check the status of the PDF file you want to split, if it is encrypted, you can click the icon to unlock the PDF file. If it is ready to be splitted, you can set the methods and click the Split Button.

Step 4: Set Split Method. You can split your PDF file by every x pages or split it by specific page range to multiple files. For example, if you want split your PDF file with 98 pages by every 5 pages, you will get 19 PDF files with 5 pages and 1 PDF file with 3 pages left. While if you want split you PDF file by page ranges, you can enter the page number or page ranges in the textbox following the tip on the right. You should pay attention to using "," to separate page numbers while using ";" to separate between page number and page range.

Step 5: Set Output. You can set the export file name. You can also export the splitted PDF files using the source folder. Besides, you can customize the path by selecting a new folder.

Step 6: Split Click the Split Button and split the PDF file into smaller parts.